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Back to School Nightmare is a 2006 comedy brickfilm by Zach Macias. It is the third film in the Ben and Andy series and follows Ben and Andy rushing to buy school supplies before a Walmart sale ends.[1] It was an entry into the second Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed second in Judges Choice and fourth in Entrant's Choice.[2]


Ben is sitting on his couch when the doorbell rings. It's Andy. Ben invites him in and they watch television. After a while, Andy complains about going back to school. Ben, upset, realizes he hasn't bought any school supplies. Andy tells Ben about a 50% off sale at Walmart. A commercial on the television interrupts, stating the sale will only last until noon that day. Ben and Andy rush to Walmart, and gather all of the supplies they need with two minutes to spare. However, they are impeded by a long line at checkout. Ben grabs the cart, bowls everyone over and beats up the cashier until he is rung up. Back at Ben's house, Ben realizes he forgot to buy paper.[1]

Redux Version[]

In 2009, Zach Macias released a redux version of Back to School Nightmare. It is essentially unchanged except for the opening and closing music, and the fixing of some editing errors.[3]


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