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Back 2 Skool is an award-winning[1] 2006 comedy brickfilm by James Morr.[2] It follows the story of a classroom experiencing the antics of their new teacher, Mr. Hanson.[3]


Mr. Hanson enters the classroom and introduces himself, scribbling nonsense on the blackboard. Mr. Hanson calls on students to introduce themselves, loudly targeting one student in particular. As the student introduces himself, Mr. Hanson interrupts, saying "Nobody cares." Mr. Hanson begins his first lesson: who would in a fight: a shark or a tiger? Another student coughs, and Mr. Hanson targets the student, accusing the student of being after Mr. Hanson's gold. Mr. Hanson continues: "You can't have my gold if I'm dead!" and throws himself through a window.

The class's actual teacher, Mr. Robinson, enters. The students wonder who Mr. Hanson was. Outside, Mr. Hanson complains about his back.[3]


  • Mike Dyer as Mr. Hanson
  • Lee Jackson as Kid #2, Mr. Hanson's scream
  • James Morr as Kid #1, Mr. Robinson


Mike Dyer's performance as Mr. Hanson would go on to win the film an award in the 2006 BAMPAs.

Year Competition Category Result
2006 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Voice Acting Performance Won