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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

BLACKSTORMTROOPER 2 is a 2011 comedy Star Wars brickfilm by Donald Faison. It continues directly from the events of the first BlackStormTrooper film, and it follows Black StormTrooper, JackMove, and TheBlack-R2 making their escape from an Imperial space station.[1] It was followed by Black Stormtrooper: Episode III - Keysha and Jamal in 2013.



  • Donald Faison - Writer, Director, Animator, Editor, Special effects Voices
  • Ethel Lung - Faces
  • Musa Brooker - Special effects, Addition animation
  • Deonte Gordon - Special effects, Voices
  • Taylor Bagley - Voices
  • Zach Braff - Voices
  • CaCee Cobb - Voices
  • Joshua Radin - Voices


Black Stormtrooper series
BlackStormTrooper (2010) · BLACKSTORMTROOPER 2 (2011) · Black Stormtrooper: Episode III - Keysha and Jamal (2013)