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BIRDS is a 2002 horror brickfilm by Andreas Feix about a boy who is haunted by birds after killing one for fun.[1] It was the winner of the Scariest Scene and Best Visual Effects categories in the Horror Animation Contest and was also nominated for Most Original Story, Best Monster and Best Sound Effects.[2]


A bird is hit by a stone and falls from a tree, dead. A smile grows across the face of the boy who just killed it and he continues on his way to school. In class, he notices a picture of a bird on the wall and becomes disturbed by how it appears to be staring at him. After school, he makes plans with a friend to go to the cinema that day while birds are revealed to be watching him from a nearby tree.

Later, the boy arrives at the cinema with his friend. As his friend orders drinks, the boy is struck by a vision of a bird attacking his parents and damaging his house. He is confused but does not dwell on this and heads in to see the film. Meanwhile, a grey bird in a tree takes flight.

That evening, the boy returns from the cinema to see his house demolished. He rushes inside and finds his parents dead under the rubble. Suddenly, the grey bird appears and bites him before flying away. The boy leaves his destroyed house and spends the night on the street.

When he wakes up the next morning, the boy spots a swarm of birds rapidly approaching him and begins to run from them. He runs into a park but trips on a rock and the birds surround him in the trees. The boy passes out and suddenly morphs into a bird. He flies to the tree in which he first killed a bird and his friend approaches. Another kid bets the friend that he can't hit the bird with a stone which the friend then proceeds to do, presumably killing the boy. A warning appears on screen that reads "NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF BIRDS".