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Released May 25, 2017
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Au-delà du brickfilm ("Beyond the Brickfilm") is a 2017 community project brickfilm produced by community members of Brick à Brack and coordinated by Bruno Lefèvre. It entered production in 2015 and is the first ever Brick à Brack community project. The plot revolves around a central character who travels between various worlds.


La Collab' de Brick à Brack

La Collab' de Brick à Brack

The announcement video

The project was launched on the 20th of October 2015 as La Collab' de Brick à Brack. On this day, both an announcement thread and a video which serves as the setup for the film were posted.[1] The video was produced by Bruno Lefèvre, "BS Production" and "Bloc mirrior".[2]

All members of Brick à Brack were invited to submit a clip for use in the project. The structure of the film was intended to allow members the freedom to give a clip any theme. Clips were required to be under 30 seconds in length and contain no dialogue or music. The deadline for submission of clips was the 1st of May 2016. 28 people are credited as animators for the project.

After the deadline for submission, a long wait ensued for the release of the film, totaling over a year.[3] Music for the project was still being worked on in March 2017.[4] Following a tease the day before,[5] the film was released on the 25th of May 2017.


The plot of the film centers around a character who travels repeatedly through a portal, encountering various different worlds and scenarios.


  • "Lidsam" - Composer
  • Bruno Lefèvre - Coordination, Animation
  • "BS Production" - Animation
  • "Brick-Movie" - Animation
  • "floofy" - Animation
  • Théo Aron - Animation
  • Romain "Romplay" Justens - Animation
  • "Polygonal Animation" - Animation
  • "Sylvain" - Animation
  • Vincent Benia - Animation
  • Augustin Blot - Animation
  • Jordan "HernakHalamo" Noyer - Animation
  • Raphaël "rafabrick" Gonzalez - Animation
  • "legyoda" - Animation
  • Sylfried Thénault - Animation
  • Jules "Inventbrick" Gardiennet - Animation
  • Mathieu Blangy - Animation
  • "Skrins" - Animation
  • Titouan Ponsot - Animation
  • Stéphane Triquoit - Animation
  • "TIM" - Animation
  • "Legosy" - Animation
  • Maxime Baconnais - Animation
  • Émilien "AsgardBricks" Gaudin - Animation
  • "Deltabrick" - Animation
  • "AloBrickfilm²" - Animation
  • "Gyo Mura" - Animation
  • Clément Persicot - Animation
  • "Bloc-mirrior" - Animation


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