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Athena's Birth IN BRICKS is a 2010 comedy brickfilm by Timothy Ratner.[1][2] It is a humorous retelling of the Greek legend of the birth of Athena.[3] It was created in roughly 2 days for a school project. It was on the shortlist for the cancelled 2010 Bricks in Motion Awards.[4]


In the still stillness of Zeus' garden stands a beautiful woman. A woman so beautiful he feels the need to force himself upon her, causing her to run away in fear. After a lengthy chase, with Zeus tired and the women far ahead, she then morphs into a bird. She then poops on Zeus and comes back to the ground. She loses Zeus after turning into a snake and slithering back down Mount Olympus.

Eventually, the women returns to the garden, and this time does not run away. The two introduce each other, and she tells him her name is Metis. Zeus realizing he is famished, eats her, causing him intense indigestion and a horrendous headache. To make the pain stop, Zeus is beheaded, and from his remains come the goddess Athena.



  • Timothy Ratner - Writer, Director, Animator, Storyboards
  • Corey Mussler - Storyboards
  • Luis Rugeles - Storyboards
  • Isaac Dimajo - Storyboards