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As the Saying Goes is a 2003 comedy brickfilm by "Stanley & Susanne". It follows a couple who get into a debacle over a game show answer.[1] It was an entry to the Words of Wisdom Contest on, and placed sixth overall. It is the second known (and possibly final) brickfilm by its creators, following Timo from earlier in 2003.[2]


A couple, Jack and Margaret, watch the TV game show As the Saying Goes. On the show, the consonants of a saying are revealed, and the two contestants try to figure out what the full saying is. At home, Jack immediately knows the answer, but won't tell Margaret. The show's host says they will ask the people at home, as Jack and Margaret's phone begins to ring.

Jack doesn't want the distraction but Margaret answers the phone anyway. The game show host is on the other end and tells her if she knows the saying, she will win $100,000. Margaret tries to tell Jack but he tells her to shut up as he is trying to watch TV. She asks for the saying but he won't say and tells her to put down the phone and come see for herself. The time runs out and the saying is revealed to be "One good turn deserves another". Jack is happy that he knew the correct answer, but Margaret throws the phone at his head, before quoting the saying to him.[1]