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[[Category:Archived brickfilms]]
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Antonio's Revenge
Antonio aims at the villain
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Directed by
Tony Guerrie and James Jannicelli
  • Action
  • Comedy
Running time

Antonio's Revenge is a 2009 action comedy brickfilm by Tony Guerrie and James Jannicelli.[1] It is a remake of the first brickfilm Guerrie and Jannicelli made in 2000 or 2001 using LEGO Studios, which was since lost.[2] Apart from contributions to the community project Cleaning Time, it is the first brickfilm release by Jannicelli since 2004.[3] It was in production for two years on and off, and it is their final brickfilm.[4]

Plot Edit


Cast Edit

Crew Edit

  • Tony Guerrie - Writer, Director, Animator
  • James Jannicelli - Writer, Director, Animator, Original music, Sound design
  • Kim Kamas - Vocal performer

Awards nominations Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2009 Bricks in Motion Awards Best Original Score Nominated

References Edit

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