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Anne Frank in Bricks Trailer is a 2003 history brickfilm by "WeirdEars".[1] It is a poorly-made trailer for a brickfilm (that was never made) about the life of Anne Frank.[2] Its amusingly gross mishandling of the serious subject matter led to it becoming an in-joke in the brickfilming community, and it later inspired a contest, the Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge, for which people created full parody films with the title.


In the midst of World War II, the Frank family are forced to go into hiding, lest they be captured by Nazis and sent to a concentration camp due to their Jewish heritage. Otto Frank shows his daughter, Anne Frank, the annex that they must live in from now on. Anne Frank wishes she could be free again, and dreams of riding her bicycle around and around outside.[2]


The trailer became a point of amusement to some of the community and staff members on at the time, and it received a positive review from then site owner Joshua Leasure and was added to Staff Favorites by Richard Frost.[3] When Richard Frost realised the full film was never coming, he started the Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge "to avoid the waste of such a good movie title". Between 2004 and 2005, people created full films with the title Anne Frank in Bricks, usually deliberately poorly made in a parody of WeirdEars' style. The winning film of the challenge was Anne Frank in Bricks by Tom Dean, and this film received a positive reaction from WeirdEars.[4]

When WeirdEars dabbled with brickfilming again in 2014, he attempted a HD remake of the trailer, set to the original audio.