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The Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge was a brickfilming contest hosted by Richard Frost on the forums between 2004 and 2005. The challenge was to create a brickfilm with the title "Anne Frank in Bricks", which came from a poorly-made trailer for a film with this name by the brickfilmer "WeirdEars". Entries were generally made in a parody of WeirdEars' style.


On September 14, 2003, the brickfilmer "WeirdEars" released a trailer for a film called Anne Frank in Bricks,[1] and this trailer became an in-joke in the brickfilming community for its jarring combination of the serious subject matter with speech-engine voices, repeated animation, and Anne Frank riding a bicycle around in a circle to the soundtrack of "Bicycle Race" by Queen. Some members began hoping that WeirdEars would make the full film, thinking that the entire tragic story depicted with LEGO in a crude and childish manner would be even more unintentionally funny than just the trailer.[2][3]

On October 20, 2004, realising that the full film was never going to be released, Richard Frost launched the Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge on the forums; a challenge to create a full film with the name Anne Frank in Bricks "to avoid the waste of such a good movie title". There were no other rules and no deadline set, and the sole winner would be chosen single-handedly by Richard Frost after he felt there were enough entries. The prize was a donation of Patron D status for the winner's account.[4]

Despite multiple previously stated deadlines, the last entry was accepted on June 22, 2005.[5] The challenge received a total of 6 entries, which came from Tom Dean, Robinson Wood, "LEGO Guy", Bert Loos, Viljami Teekkinen and Ilmari Teekkinen, and a co-production between James Morr and Alan "Amped" Menhennet. The result was announced on the first of July and the winning film was Anne Frank in Bricks by Tom Dean. It was also mentioned that Morr and Menhennet's entry was "a close second".[6]

List of all entries:

Film Name Director
AFeB Bert Loos
Anne Frank in Bricks James Morr and Alan "Amped" Menhennet
Anne Frank in Bricks "LEGO Guy"
Anne Frank in Bricks Robinson Wood
Anne Frank in Bricks Tom Dean
GRREENERED Viljami Teekkinen and Ilmari Teekkinen