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Anne Frank in Bricks is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Tom Dean.[1][2] It is a parody of Anne Frank in Bricks Trailer by "WeirdEars" and a general parody of WeirdEars' style.[3] It was the winner of the Anne Frank in Bricks Challenge, a contest for which people created full films titled Anne Frank in Bricks, as Anne Frank in Bricks Trailer had become an in-joke within the community.[4]


Anne Frank introduces herself and her family, and explains that they are hiding from the Nazis in an attic. Another family, the van Pels, move in to the same attic, and the son, Peter, asks Anne out on a date. The two of them head out for an eventful date around town, before eventually returning to the attic together. Back inside, Anne's father gets angry at her for going out in public, as she could have been seen by the Nazis.

Anne is sick of living in the attic, and decides to go out and get some exercise the only way she knows how: riding her bicycle around and around in a circle. She soon breaks away from the circle and rides her bicycle all around town. A man on a horse arrives in the town to warn inhabitants that the Nazis are coming, and upon realizing Anne is missing, Anne's father worries that she will be seen. An oblivious Anne continues riding her bicycle until she encounters a Nazi. The Nazi discovers that Anne is a Jew and announces that he will kill her, but Anne fights the Nazi. A gargantuan brawl erupts all throughout the land. At the end, the Nazi is defeated, but Anne's bicycle is destroyed.

Anne returns to the attic and tells her father than she beat up a Nazi. Her father is proud and assures her that they will replace her ruined bicycle. Anne wonders what they should do with her old bicycle, when a penguin is seen rebuilding the bicycle and cycling off.[3]


  • Chantel Carl as Anne, Anne's mother
  • Vern T. Worrel as Anne's father
  • Tom Dean as Peter, Nazi, Herman, Additional voices


References to other brickfilms[]

In addition to being in reference to WeirdEars' works, the film contains a number of references to other brickfilms by Tom Dean and other directors, for example: