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The AnimatorDV Commercial Contest was a brickfilming contest that took place on the forums in 2005. The goal was to create a commercial for the animation software AnimatorDV, and the contest was sponsored by the AnimatorDV creator Gregory Wróblewski and hosted on the forums by Joshua Leasure. Though Leasure was the owner of at the time, the contest was not referred to as being in official association with the site itself.


On January 16, 2005 on the forums, Joshua Leasure said that Gregory Wróblewski, the creator of the animation software AnimatorDV, had asked him to announce a small contest that Wróblewski would sponsor. The idea of the contest was for filmers to create a commercial for AnimatorDV in a similar format to a TV commercial, using brick animation or a combination of brick animation and live action.[1]

The entry time format was 3 seconds for the title and director name, 1 second of black screen, 30 seconds for the actual commercial including the AnimatiorDV logo with a slogan, another second of black screen, then the full credits, and entries were requested to be submitted in the resolution 400x300. Though the commercials were not ever intended for use on TV, entering the contest did give Wróblewski permission to use your commercial online for demonstration purposes. Copyrighted music was not allowed. The contest accepted entries until the end of February 2005.[2]

The contest was judged by Kristian Sandberg, Robert Graff, Scott Dombert, Arnout "CrystalBrick" van der Maas and Mathew Buck. The prizes consisted of multiple different levels of AnimatorDV: Animator DV Film Producer for first place, AnimatorDV Professional+ 10 for second, AnimatorDV Edu/Personal 10 for second, AnimatorDV Simple+ 9.02 for fourth, and also 5 copies of Animator DV Simple 9 for fifth through ninth. The contest received 9 entries, meaning that everyone who entered received a prize.[3]

AnimatorDV is now known as AnimatorHD.[4]


Place Film Name Director
1. AnimatorDV Advertisement David Pagano
2. AnimatorDV Ad David West
3. AnimatorDV Ad Stephen Nolen
4. Reanimate Your Life! Christoph Brock
5. AnimatorDV Contest Entry Bert Loos
(Unknown) X Gerard "Jahard" Pattenden
7. GihheADV Viljami Teekkinen and Ilmari Teekkinen
(Unknown) X "Alien Films"
9. Revenge of the Daylight Werewolves James "Redmurunga" Berridge