AnimatorDV Advertisement
The minifigures approve of AnimatorDV
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Directed by
Released March 1, 2005
David Pagano
  • Advertisement
  • Comedy
Running time
Language English
Created for AnimatorDV Commercial Contest

AnimatorDV Advertisement is a 2005 comedic advertisement brickfilm by David Pagano. It is about the limitations of minifigures, and how they may overcome them with AnimatorDV.[1] It was created for the 2005 AnimatorDV Commercial Contest and won first place.


A minifigure's hat won't fit on over his hair. A knight can't get his horse to move. A spaceman has a microphone stuck to his face. A pirate can't get his parrot to sit on his shoulder. They can overcome their limitations with AnimatorDV, with its easy-to-use interface, 99 levels of onion skin, and full screen or widescreen export! The figures are pleased and the man with the hat gives AnimatorDV two thumbs up.[1]

Crew Edit

  • David Pagano - Writer, Animator, Editor, Voice actor, Composer

Awards Edit

AnimatorDV Advertisement won first place in the AnimatorDV Commercial Contest, which won Pagano a copy of the AnimatorDV Professional+ software.[2] The film was never actually used as a commercial for AnimatorDV on televison or otherwise, as the contest was only hosted for fun.[3]

The film was nominated in the 2005 BAMPAs for Best Animation and Best Debut Film[4] (though it was neither Pagano's first film nor first in the directory).[5][6]

Year Competition Category Result
2005 Brickfilming Achievement in Motion Picture Arts Best Animation Nominated
Best Debut Film Nominated

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