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Animation Class 2: Frame-rate is a 2002 comedic eductional brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It is about Steve Earwigg (from Burr's previous film, Natural Enemy) giving a lesson on what different frame rates can be useful for animation.[2] It was created after Stefan van Zwam expressed a wish for another community member to make a follow-up to his film Animation Class: Lesson 1.[3] It is also the only follow-up that was released, despite plans for many more installments by different directors.[4]


Steve Earwigg stands in front of an abandoned castle for no particular reason, giving a lecture on FPS (frames per second). He explains the concept of frame rate and the importance of choosing your frame rate, before showing some examples. He shows an example at 5 FPS and explains that it is about the minimum you might want to use as it looks quite jerky. He then shows an example at 10 FPS, demonstrating that it is smoother and explaining that it takes more work. His final example is at 15 FPS, and he explains that it is the most popular frame rate due to its smoothness and middle ground between effort put in and quality.[2]