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The AniExer-size Animation Contest was a brickfilm competition created by Dustin Finstrom. Its aim was to be a regularly-occuring themed animation exercise to help people improve, through practice and feedback.[1] The contest's name refers to "Animation Exercise" as well as the small size of the contest, which is reflected in the font size in the logo.[2]

The contest was primarily hosted on Finstrom's YouTube channel[3] but was also run in association with Bricks in Motion, and Philip Heinrich provided assistance in the running of the contest.[4] Finstrom originally planned to run the contest every 3-4 months,[5] but it ultimately only ran twice, with just over two months between the beginnings of the two installments.

The first AniExer-size Animation Contest[]


The first AniExer-size Animation Contest title graphic, by Finstrom and Heinrich

The first AniExer-size Animation Contest was announced by Dustin Finstrom on July 26, 2009, with the theme "Chase Scene".[6] The minimum time limit was 10 seconds with no maximum limit, and the deadline was August 16, 2009. The prizes were provided by the BrickLink store eBricksOnline and were a $100 store coupon for first place and a $50 coupon for second place. The contest received 201 submissions[7] and was judged by Finstrom, Philip Heinrich, Zach Macias and Forrest Whaley.[8] Gareth Pugh was also supposed to judge but was ultimately unable.[9]


  1. The Game by Jordan Johnson and Nathan Johnson
  2. Cheese Chase by Jon Rolph

It was also later mentioned that The Chase by Sean Willets placed third in the judging.[10]

The AniExer-size Animation Contest II - Halloween Edition[]


The AniExer-size Animation Contest II title graphic, by Jordan Harris

The second AniExer-size Animation Contest was announced by Finstrom on October 2, 2009 and the theme was "Fright", to tie in with Halloween.[11] The time limit rules were the same and the deadline was October 31, 2009. Prizes were again supplied by eBricksOnline, this time with a $100 coupon for first place, a $75 coupon for second place and a $50 coupon for third place. There were 64 entries submitted[12] and the judges were Finstrom, Philip Heinrich, Zach Macias, Gareth Pugh and Forrest Whaley.[13]


  1. tim & fRED Halloween Special by Sean Willets
  2. Swine Flu: The Pandemic by Harry Bossert
  3. Ghost Train by David Boddy

It was also later mentioned that The Monkey's Paw by Spencer Olson placed fourth in the judging.[14]


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