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Andreas Feix is a German filmmaker. He is known in brickfilming for films including BIRDS, Egyptian Comedy, and The Brickhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.[1] His films often combined stop-motion with CG elements or entire CG scenes.


Year Title Notes
2001 T-Rex Attack!
2002 Walking with Dinosaurs Historical Fiction Contest entry
2002 Comedian Mummy[2]
2002 Egyptian Comedy Jugend filmt 2003 Special Achievement in Animation and Audience's Choice Award winner[3]
2002 Star Wars: The Unknown
2002 BIRDS Horror Animation Contest Scariest Scene and Best Visual Effects winner
2002 The DOFAS Co-production with "Kaese Radierer Studios"
2003 The commercial
2003 The Brickhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[4]
2003 Kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone Words of Wisdom Contest entry
2003 2039: The Year We Were Contacted Trailer English subtitles
2003 Bullet-Time 3D scene from Matrix
2004 Cause & Effect(s) A Peculiar Event Contest entry
2004 (Die) Jugend filmt Jugend filmt 2004 Special Achievement in Animation winner
2004 Flight Jugend filmt 2004 entry
2006[5] Wo kommen all die LEGOs her?