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Andreas Eggen is a Norwegian brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for creating brickfilms based on Star Wars, including the series Star Wars: Underworld.[2]


Year Title Notes
2013 Jedi vs Sith
2013 Berlin- Killing Steiner
2013 Action
2014 Action #2
2014 Berlin- Killing Steiner
2014 Battle of Finland
2014 LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer
2015 Boba Fett -THE MOVIE: Teaser
2015 Star Wars Underworld -Pt 1/4 (The Sarlacc Pit)
2015 Star Wars Underworld -Pt 2/4 (Slade Kanos)
2015 Jyn Erso vs Death Troopers
2015 Star Wars Underworld -Pt 3/4 (The Heist)
2015 Boba Fett - Underworld
2015 LEGO Daredevil -The Man Without Fear
2015 LEGO Ultimate Spider-Man
2015 Clone Wars -Intervention
2015 Star Wars Underworld -Pt 4/4 (Redemption) X
2015 Han Solo vs Greedo -Who Shot First?
2015 Game of Thrones
2016 The Scavenger Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIII entry
2016 James Bond in the First Order
2016 Kylo Ren vs Poe Dameron
2016 First Order Stormtrooper Legacy
2016 Star Wars: Underworld -Boba Fett (Pt1)
2016 Star Wars: Underworld -Slade Kanos (Pt2)
2016 Star Wars: Underworld -The Heist (Pt3)
2016 Star Wars: Underworld -Redemption (Pt4)
2016 Star Wars: Underworld -The Assassin (Pt5)
2016 Star Wars: Underworld -Damien Cross (Pt6)
2016 Star Wars: Underworld -Blood Money (Pt7)
2016 Rogue One -Battle of Eadu
2016 Rogue One -Battle of Jedha
2016 Rogue One -Jyn's Rescue
2017 The Score Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XIV entry
2017 Rogue One -Darth Vader
2017 Nerf Herder!!
2017 Star Wars -Resistance: Anthology (First Teaser Short Film)
2017 Rogue One -Chirrut îmwe vs 10 Stormtroopers
2017 LEGO Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer Co-production with "Baggles"
2017 Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer in LEGO Co-production with "Baggles"
2017 Boba Fett: Desert Escape
2017 Rogue One -Cassian Andor Unfinished
2017 LEGO Call of Duty: World War 2 Trailer
2017 Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Trailer in LEGO Co-production with Robert Sturdevant, Jeremy Borchers, "Dan's Animations", & "Baggles"
2018 Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC Trailer in LEGO Co-production with "Ser Eathan"
2018 Outlaws
2018 LEGO Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer
2018 Rey finds Luke Skywalker
2018 Boba Fett: The Mandalorian
2019 Rebels -Ezra Bridger Part of Brickfilm Day 2019
2019 Black Panther vs Captain America Avengers: Brickfilmers Assemble second place winner
2019 True Jedi
2019 Battle of Seelow Heights -Their Land, Their Blood
2020 LEGO WW2 Zombies: "Tiger Tank Defence!"
2020 LEGO World War 2: The Fury vs Tiger Tank Battle / side by side / black & white