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An' D is a 2004 fantasy brickfilm by Richard A. Creel.[1] It follows four people playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons that takes an unexpected turn.[2] It was one of two entries by Creel into the A Peculiar Event Contest on and it placed tenth overall.[3]


In a fantasy world, four adventurers arrive at a locked castle door. A booming voice is heard asking what they will do.

In a house, four friends are playing Dungeons & Dragons, and the leader is asking what another player will do. He casts a knock spell on the door, which opens the door in the game. The characters enter the castle and explore, battling monsters along the way. When they defeat a red dragon, they discover that it was guarding a chest. One character opens the chest and finds a scroll, which he reads aloud.

The game leader explains that a portal to another universe is been opened, through which a group of people around a table with one giving orders is visible. In the room where the game is being played, a portal opens, and the players see the characters in the game looking back at them. One player decides to shoot the leader, and his character in the game shoots an arrow which travels through the portal and hits the game leader.[2]

A Peculiar Event Cash In[]

Creel's second A Peculiar Event Contest entry was A Peculiar Event Cash In, which was created because he had finished An' D with a week to spare and still had the castle set constructed.[4] It features some of the same characters from An' D as actors on a movie set, and it takes inspiration from and makes references to the following other brickfilms: