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Directed by
Released January 4, 2007
  • Western
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Drama
Running time
Language English
America: Outlawed is a 2007 brickfilm western by Doug Vandegrift that follows the exploits of the bandit Flatfoot and his crew.


Fugitive Flatfoot Thompson is sentenced to death by hanging, after being accused of murdering General Watson. Just as he's about to be hanged, he is rescued by his sidekick, Black Bart, who shoots down the rope. Flatfoot then quickly grabs a riffel from the soldier next to him and rides off on a horse that Black Bart prepared for him. With the two criminals on the loose, it is now up to Colonel Caron to try and track them down.

Word spreads of the fugitives, and wanted signs are starting to be placed bearing Flatfoot's face. In Gold City Junction, Sheriff Thatchet is met by the local mayor. The mayor tells the sheriff to join him for his address in the City hall. The sheriff says that he is too busy, investigating who murdered General Watson. He argues that there wasn't enough evidence to back Flatfoot being the culprit, but in the end, the mayor eventually persuades him to stop what he's doing and witness his speech.

A little later, everybody gathers in the hall. His speech is rather a controversial one, as he criticizes the southern soldiers, coming to their towns and taking what ever they wanted. He plans to campaign for the creation of a new Manifest Destiny, limiting the role and influence of the US government and military, and sacrificing personal goals in favour of everyone being equal and in the same state of well being. But instead of receiving a big cheer, everyone stands in silence, unsure what to think of his ideas.

Meanwhile out in the desert, Flatfoot and Black Bart come across an old abandoned mine. They think it's a safe place to hide, until they see a man, pointing a gun at them. He asks the two men who they are. They pretend to be calm, before Black Bart shoots the stranger in the foot, which causes him to drop his gun. They then quickly grab hold of him.

The crooks enter the small hut above the mine where the man was hiding, and find a load of money. They tie him up and ask how he got all the money. He introduces himself as Dewey Cheatem. He makes his money from swindling his way through poker games and tells them that if they release him, he can help them get more money.

Meanwhile, Colonel Caron confronts the Mayor to tell him that the US government have assigned him and the army to use what ever means necessary to capture Flatfoot Thompson and Black Bart, regardless of whether the Mayor approves. The Mayor argues that he doesn't need his or the government's help, and wants them to retreat immediately, but backs down when Caron points out that he has no responsibility to go against the government's wishes, and will station soldiers all across a 10 mile radius around the area, until the bandits are captured.

The bandits, arrive at Gold City, disguised in traditional Mexican clothing, accompanied by Dewey. They enter the local saloon. A couple of men playing poker, make fun of the 2 bandits' clothing. This angers Black Bart, causing him to take off his disguise and confront them. He is soon followed by Flatfoot, and a big fight quickly ensues. Flatfoot and Dewey run away, but Black Bart continues to fight. The commotion causes the sheriff to head over to the saloon to stop the commotion. The sheriff arrests Black Bart for starting the fight, whilst Flatfoot and Dewey head back to the mine.

Noticing his absence, Flatfoot heads back towards the town, leaving Dewey behind.

He sneaks around, hoping not to be seen, and finds Black Bart locked up in a cell, just outside the Sheriff's office. Knowing he has to pass the Sheriff, Flatfoot finds his disguise left on the ground, puts it on, and heads towards the cell. He had previously escaped the cell before, and when he last escaped, he set up a convenient way of getting out. Underneath a wooden board, there's a spring, and all he has to do to let him out is place a stick or rod into it, lifting a side of the wall off it's side. After doing so, he runs off with Black Bart and they leave the town.

That following morning, the Mayor and Sheriff Thatchet meet with the Colonel at his fort. The Colonel confirms that military action will take place to assure that the bandits are caught, and once they are captured, will be in the Colonel's hands. The Mayor once again shows his disapproval, by stating that it goes against his Communist ideals, but with little evidence to back that his efforts have got them any closer to capturing the criminals, the Colonel's plan is set into motion.

Meanwhile, at the bandit's hideout, Flatfoot is woken up by a crazy old man, and finds that his horses have disappeared. Assuming he has taken them, Flatfoot confronts the old man and asks him where he's taken them, but is interrupted by Daisy Peach, a resident of Gold City and the old man's daughter. She threatens to tell the Sheriff on them. Unconvinced by her words, Flatfoot claims that she is in fact their hostage, and won't be informing the Sheriff of their whereabouts at all. It is then that the local Indian tribe appear, aiming their bows and arrows at the two bandits.

Meanwhile, The Colonel prepares his men for action, and spreads them around Gold City, to try and capture the bandits for good.

That night, Flatfoot and Black Bart, in captivity, are met by the tribe's chief. With Daisy Peach knowing of their location, Flatfoot tells Bart that they have to escape the camp before the cavalry come after them. Bart questions how they will be able to, with the Indians watching them, but with the Indians, intoxicated with their ceremonial smoking, they are able to sneak off without them trying to stop them.

Assuming that Daisy hasn't told anyone yet, they set off without a moments hesitation, but are stopped on their tracks by one of the Colonel's men.

The following morning, at the fort, the two bandits are lined up, ready to be executed by a line of fire. However, among the soldiers is Dewey Cheatem in disguise. Noticing him, the two bandits duck right at the last minute, as Dewey fires his riffle at some explosives, causing the wall to blow away.

The blow causes the soldiers to tumble, and the bandits, accompanied by Dewey, use this to their advantage, by running away before they can be stopped.

They head to Gold City. Once they get there, the soldiers, standing high above them, start to fire. They quickly run behind the general store, before they get hit. Dewey, packed with dynamite, throws one, aiming to hit the building across the road, but miscalculates his aim, causing it to drop back down next to them. They quickly run, as the back of the building explodes behind them. The building remains mostly intact, as Flatfoot grabs some guns for sale in the store, opens the front door of the building and faces the soldiers.

Prepared to face them, Flatfoot starts to threaten them, but one of the soldiers throws dynamite at him. He quickly runs back in, and out the back of the store, before the dynamite blows up, destroying what remained of the building.

They duck under the debris, going up to fire at the soldiers. Both sides continue to fire at each other, until Colonel Caron arrives, ordering them to cease fire. The Colonel orders Flatfloot to show himself and face him. Flatfoot steps forward, as Caron challenges him to a draw. If Flatfoot shoots first and kills the Colonel, he and his men can go free, but if he loses, he will die, along with Bart and Dewey. Flatfoot accepts his offer.

The Colonel prepares to draw his weapon, but is shot at the last minute, not by Flatfoot, but by the Mayor. He reveals that when he heard of the coming of the cavalry a few months before, he wanted to scare them, and did so by murdering General Watson, causing the government to delay their plans. The delay in their progress gave the Mayor time to develop his Communist campaign without the US government's interference. After revealing this, the Mayor draws his pistol again, preparing to fire a fatal shot at the wounded Colonel, but is shot by Sheriff Thatchet before he can do so.

A couple of the soldiers help the Colonel up, as Flatfoot runs off. The Colonel watches, as he leaves the scene, but decides not to pursue him, figuring that he can afford one day's lead.

Flatfoot sets off, as fast as he can, accompanied by Black Bart and Dewey Cheatem, on a horse and carriage. Flatfoot jumps on board, as they set off into the horizon.

Cast Edit

  • Doug Vandegrift Sr. as Flatfoot, Mayor, Indian Chief, Poker Player
  • Mike Downing as Black Bart, Sheriff Thatchet
  • Alicia Dyer as Miss Daisy Peach


Production Edit

Awards Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2007 Brick Award for Film Arts Best Film Nominated
Best Director Nominated
Best Screenplay Won
Best Music Won
Best Vocal Performance Nominated (Doug Vandegrift Sr. as Flatfoot Thompson)
Best Ensemble Cast Won