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America's Funniest Home Videos is a 1990 comedy brickfilm by Dave Lennie and Andy Boyer. It is a parody of the television show of the same name.[1] It is in very low quality because of the poor condition of the tape it was recorded on.[2]


America's Funniest Home Videos begins, and host Don Gomez introduces the show with some of his trademark humor. He is amused by a multitude of clips that mostly consist of people losing their body parts.

The next segment is a spoof of the show by two students of Bradley University, using real people. The spoof shows baby videos and some incredibly funny jokes from Bob Saget. The final clip is the audience-selected winner of the 10 billion dollar prize, sent in by Biff Feedback and Mario Stradivarius. As Biff shows off his new car to his girlfriend, Mario plays a joke on him. Biff's car explodes into pieces, and after the clip, Don Gomez closes out the show.[1]


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