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Amazone is a 2001 survival brickfilm by Tjeerd Kamps, Mark Lenderink and Benjamin Harmsen.[1] It follows a group of four men who are stranded in a jungle following a plane crash.[2]


A plane is on its way to Zimbabwe when birds fly into the engines and the plane crashes in a jungle. Four survivors, Jake, Tim, Bob and Sylvester, manage to get out of the wreck and begin to run. A t-rex reaches them and eats Sylvester. The remaining three flee until they are safe, but they begin to hear strange noises. They look through bushes and find a tribe of natives.

The natives capture the trio and put them in a cell. They remove Bob from the cell and take him away, and eventually they deliver a plate of food to the other prisoners. Jake is horrified to realise they have been served parts of Bob, but Tim is too hungry to stop eating.

The natives go to sleep. Tim kicks the cell door and it opens, so he leaves while Jake stays. Tim escapes the settlement but falls down a pit in the forest. The t-rex finds the natives' camp and chases them away, giving Jake a chance to escape. He runs through the jungle until he sees a helicopter, and a rope is sent down to rescue him.[2]


  • Mark Lenderink as Jake, Natives, Co-pilot
  • Tjeerd Kamps as Tim, Natives, Pilot
  • Benjamin Harmsen as Bob, Sylvester, Natives, T-rex


  • Tjeerd Kamps - Animator, Lighting, Idea, Storyboard, Director, Props, Mix
  • Mark Lenderink - Animator, Story, Sets, Sound
  • Benjamin Harmsen - Camera, Script, Clothing