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Also thwacked Zarathustra is a 2001 comedy brickfilm by Thomas Foote. The film follows the plight of a group of monkeys who are terrorized by a fearsome T-Rex.[1][2] It was first premiered at BrickFest 2001, along with The Big Match.[3]


Monkeys laugh and play in the shadow of a rocky outcropping. Suddenly, all but one monkey runs away in terror as a T-rex lumbers close. The unaware monkey is snatched up by the T-Rex, shaken, and eaten. The remaining monkeys, shocked and helpless, yell angrily at the T-rex. One monkey's attention is drawn elsewhere, to a large blank monolith on top of the rocky outcropping. The heroic monkey climbs the rocks to the base of the monolith and looks up at it in awe.


The monkey is victorious

Inspired, the monkey grabs a nearby stick and approaches the T-rex, is distracted and drinking at a watering hole. The monkey climbs the T-rex, thwacks it on the head, and runs back to the monolith as the T-rex angrily pursues. While the T-rex is distracted by the other monkeys, the heroic monkey uses the stick to tip the monolith over and onto the T-rex. The monolith splits in two as it crushes the T-rex. The heroic monkey, victorious, cheers and jumps up and down.[1]