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Alpenglow (German: Alpenglühen) is a 2010 comedy brickfilm by Dirk Boettcher. It follows a man trying to steal a protected edelweiss flower from the Swiss Alps.[1] It was created for Steinerei 2010 and won the Jury Prize, as well as coming third in the audience choice.[2] There was also a truncated version produced filmed on a 3D camera,[3] featuring different takes of certain shots.[4]


A man drives to a viewing point in the Swiss Alps, and looks through binoculars to the cliff face opposite. When he spots an edelweiss flower growing on a ledge, he becomes excited and walks down from the point to go get it. A forester arrives at the viewing point and is shocked to see the man climbing to pick the flower. The man gets the flower but falls down and ends up hanging from a tree branch. An eagle, thinking he looks tasty, picks him up in flight but when hit with the branch drops him into an outhouse.

The man emerges from the outhouse, still clutching the flower. Up above, the handbrake on his car begins to disengage and the car rolls towards the cliff edge, nudging the forester's car on its way. The man's car tumbles down the cliff and lands on top of him, but he emerges from under it with the flower intact. However, the forester is waiting with a gun to the man's head, and tells him that it is forbidden to pick edelweiss. Just then, the forester's car comes rolling down and takes the forester with it, and the film ends on the proverb:
"The edelweiss by the wayside is wanderer's luck."[1]



  • Dirk Boettcher - Writer, Set designer, Animator
  • Frank Lauenroth - Writer