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All of the Dead is a 2000 zombie horror brickfilm by Tim Drage and Tony Mines of Spite Your Face Productions.[1] It is about the dead rising after the tomb of Anubis is disturbed.[2] Though it is often stated as having being released in 1999, a making-of written by Tim Drage mentions finishing the film in August 2000,[3][4] and the copyright in the film is dated 2000. It was among the first brickfilms available on the internet[5] and was originally released under the duo's original production name, Underpendent Films.[6]


In Egypt, two explorers have located the lost tomb of the Egyptian god Anubis after much searching. At that moment, lightning begins to strike, and a face emerges that declares "The dead will arise!"

Outside, a man and woman walk through a graveyard when zombies begin to climb out of the ground. The zombies approach and the man attacks them with a shovel, but the woman trips to the ground and is torn apart. The explorers run out of the tomb and begin shooting, when one of them is picked up by a zombie and thrown to his death. Zombies use large blades to attack civilians while the remaining explorer attempts to control the outbreak.

Pinhead appears, and the film ends on a "To Be Continued..." card.[2] (A sequel was planned but never produced.)[3]