All in a Days Work
Rick LeBrique hides from the robot
Rick LeBrique hides from the robot
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Released November 4, 2003
Science fiction
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All in a Days Work, also known as Rick LeBrique, is a 2003 science fiction brickfilm by Jeff Leary.[1] It follows intergalactic garbageman Rick LeBrique as he has an encounter with a killer robot.[2]

The film is comprised of footage from an unfinished project that was intended to be a series of several films based around the unlikely and reluctant hero of Rick LeBrique.[3] Leary had filmed 6 minutes of footage which had been reshot three times before he cancelled the project as he wasn't happy with the story.[4] Leary wanted at least some of the animation he had created to be viewed, and so assembled All in a Days Work using his favourite parts. As such, the film contains no sound apart from the backing music track.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Aboard a spaceship, garbageman Rick LeBrique approaches a door which opens to reveal a robot. The robot points a gun at Rick, who then presses a button to close the door on the gun, severing it. The robot returns with a bigger gun and comes through the door firing at Rick, but Rick closes the door which demolishes the robot. The robot's head rolls away, and soon its complete body regenerates.

The robot acquires a large bomb which it brings to plant in the engine room. Rick arrives to see this, but is not worried. The makeshift sign reading engine room falls to reveal the actual transporter room sign beneath. The bomb is transported to a different location where it explodes.[2]

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