All Hallows Steve
Dave opens the door to trick-or-treaters
Dave opens the door to trick-or-treaters
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Directed by
Released October 28, 2005
Nate Burr
Running time
Language English
Part of the Steve and Dave series
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All Hallows Steve is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by Nate Burr.[1] It follows Steve and Dave during their search for a new place to live, and finding themselves staying at Dave's parents house on Halloween.[2] It is the fifteenth film in the Steve and Dave series, and was the first in over a year.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The now homeless Steve is standing around on a street, when he is approached by Dave. Dave tells him the apartment search has been unsuccessful, but that his parents will let the duo stay at their house until they find a new place to live. The one condition is that Steve and Dave must hand out candy to the Halloween trick-or-treaters coming that night.

That night, Steve and Dave take turns answering the door, and Dave goes first. The trick-or-treaters are rude to Dave and threaten to egg his house if they don't get candy fast. A second group arrive, and Steve puts on his costume to answer the door. When the kids see Steve, they run away in terror, as he has dressed as a Catholic priest.[2]

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