Alexander Folkertsma
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Also known as
Alexander Studios
Years active
2011 - Present
Nationality Netherlands Flag Dutch
Notable works

Alexander Folkertsma is a Dutch brickfilmer. He is known for creating brickfilms in a style that is widely popular on YouTube, including films such as LEGO Bowling, LEGO Arcade, and LEGO Train Crash.[1]

Filmography Edit

Year Title Notes
2011 LEGO City Metro
2012 LEGO City The Bank Robbery
2012 LEGO City Street Race
2014 LEGO City Casino
2016 LEGO Train Crash
2016 LEGO Beach Movie
2016 LEGO Drone
2017 LEGO Lawn Mower Fail
2017 LEGO Las Vegas
2017 LEGO Casino Revenge
2017 LEGO Arcade
2017 LEGO Street Race
2017 LEGO Bowling
2018 LEGO Dolphin Show
2018 LEGO Prison Break
2018 LEGO VR Game
2018 LEGO Bowling Heroes
2019 LEGO Construction Site
2019 LEGO City Fire Rescue
2019 LEGO Experimental Police Chase
2019 LEGO Cruise Adventure

References Edit

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