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The Alex and Derrick series is a series of brickfilms created by and starring Nathan Wells. It is a dynamic duo brickfilm series that follows the lives of two 20-somethings who (up until Five Years Later) share an apartment. It is one of the longest-running brickfilm series.

Films Edit

Material Possessions (2006) Edit

Derrick receives multiple frivolous purchases in the mail, to the bewilderment of Alex.[1]

Spoilerz! (2006) Edit

Alex and Derrick go to the theater to watch the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie. On the way, they remember all of the times Derrick was surprised by characters dying.[2]

Feel Great (2006) Edit

A crossover with Zach Macias' characters Ben and Andy. Ben takes a bite of a Nutti-Grain bar, and gets extremely hyped. He runs through the city and encounters Derrick, Alex, and finally Andy.[3]

Slapstick (2006) Edit

Derrick and Alice watch a series of slapstick shorts by KrickFilms.[4]

w00t! (2006) Edit

Alex and Derrick discuss and reference various popular internet phenomena of the time.[5]

A Very Merry Christmas Special with Alex and Derrick and Alice! (2006) Edit

Alex, Derrick and Alice celebrate the holidays in a sequence of events that mirror Material Possessions.[6]

Flashbacks (2007) Edit

Alex and Derrick remember past events, including when they waited in line for the last Harry Potter book, Derrick and Alice's first kiss, and eating fast food after watching 300. Alex, Derrick and Alice go to a costume party.[7]

Derricking Ball (2013) Edit

While Alex and Alice watch, Derrick channels his inner Miley Cyrus and rides nude atop a wrecking ball while smashing through a wall.[8] Chronologically, this film takes place after Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later.

Alex and Derrick: Five Years Later (2014) Edit

After five years of absence, Alex returns, to the surprise of Derrick. Alex and Derrick describe to each other what they have been doing for five years.[9]

Gingerbread House Down (2016) Edit

An innocent gingerbread house is terrorized, to Derrick's dismay.

Other films featuring Alex and Derrick Edit

While several other brickfilms have featured Alex and Derrick, they are not considered a part of the Alex and Derrick series, either because they are cameos, such as Beast, or Alex and Derrick are pulled out of their normal environment, such as Powershot.

Stoic (2006) Edit

Alex and Derrick are seen moving past the Stoic Man.[10]

Beast (2006) Edit

Alex and Derrick are seen in the cafe.[11]

Powershot (2007) Edit

Alex and Derrick appear on a white expanse. They marvel at the image quality. A booming voice identifies itself as the Canon Powershot.[12]

The Future is Calling (2007) Edit

Alex and Derrick can be seen in the background on the street.[13]

The Day Crashed (2007) Edit

At the very end of this community project, Derrick cries " died!?"[14]

Infinity Squared (2007) Edit

Alex and Derrick get swept away by the end of the world. Of course, everything is reset at the end.[15]

Unsound (2007) Edit

The same clip from Infinity Squared plays on a TV.[16]

e-Learning and You! (2008) Edit

Alex and Derrick assist in bridging the gap to successful e-learning.

30 Years: The Story of the Minifigure (2008) Edit

Alex and Derrick appear waiting outside a movie theater.[17]

Benny n' Lee in: Parallel Panic (2016) Edit

In this brickfilm by Seán Willis and Brian Willis, Benny and Lee travel between multiple parallel universes, and find that in one of them, their house belongs to Alex and Derrick.[18]

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