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Alex Pearson is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is known for action brickfilms, including the James Bond brickfilms 007 Encounters and One Take Action Scene.[2] He is also known for brickfilms animated for Jordan Johnson's YouTube channel, including Grandpa Vader and Kylo Ren.

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Year Title Notes
2010 the depresed storm trooper
2010 Beast attack
2010 Battle For Corasaunt
2010 Battle For Coracant Part 2
2010 demolition ep1 left alone
2010 the rescue
2010 halo scene
2010 Zombie Apocalypse
2010 96th legion
2011 backflip fail
2011 LEGO star wars battle 1
2011 halo battle 2 M0nkeyBoy1O1's Contest entry
2011 Fall of the republic
2011 96th legion 2 part 1
2011 New Camera! yays!
2011 LEGO star wars battle 2 spugesdu's Fourth Great & Bountiful LEGO Stop Motion Contest 2011 entry
2011 LEGO Battle
2011 the discovery! spugesdu's Just Another LEGO Animation Contest entry
2012 The Assassin
2012 FUS RO DAH!!!
2012 The Republic: Trailer 1
2012 LEGO Freddiew: BEach Justice Unfinished
2012 LEGO Star Wars: Droid take down
2012 Happy Mothers Day: SUPERMOM!
2012 Star Wars: Droid Encounter
2012 The Bourne Legacy Trailer HD (2012) - LEGO
2012 When Gotham Is Ashes You Have My Permission To Die - Bane - The Dark Knight Rises - LEGO
2012 LEGO Uncharted
2012 LEGO Captain America
2012 LEGO Star Wars???
2012 FAR audition tape - Mr. Thompson
2012 The Path Ahead
2012 The Exterminator: PROMO
2012 The Exterminator: SPECIAL PREVIEW
2012 LEGO - The Walking Dead - Season 3 - Episode 4 - "Killer Within"
2013 LEGO Star Trek Into Darkness - International Trailer
2013 LEGO - DEXTER - Everything Is In My Control
2013 Taken - I Will Find You and I Will Kill You -LEGO
2014 LEGO - Tease: Saul Solicits New Clients: Better Call Saul
2015 LEGO James Bond: 007 Encounters
2015 LEGO The Walking Dead: Do you have any idea who you're talking to?
2016 Grandpa Vader and Kylo Ren Written by Jordan Johnson
2016 LEGO Captain America: Civil War
2016 LEGO Captain America: The Neighborhood Avenger
2016 Chewbacca vs Kylo Ren | Part 1
2016 Chewbacca vs Kylo Ren | Part 2
2016 Wet Floor
2016 Lost in the Basement
2016 Chewbacca's Christmas Visitors Written by Jordan Johnson
2017 LEGO Batman Shower Surprise Written by Jordan Johnson
2017 LEGO James Bond 007 - One Take Action Scene
2020 The Skywalker Saga in LEGO Community project coordinated by Brickfilm Day

References Edit

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