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Aled Owen is a British brickfilmer,[1] who in the past has been involved as a website programmer of both Bricks in Motion and He was also the original founder of the Brickfilms Wiki in 2006, though it remained mostly unused until being commandeered by Nathan Wells in 2014.


Year Title Notes
2005 The Getaway X
2005 The Temple of Gloom X
2005 The Fight X
2005 My Master X
2005 Sniper Guy X
2005 The Police Incident
2006 The Tie Army Thread X [2]
2006 Face/Off - Montage Clip X Unused submission to the BrickFest 2006 Montage
2006 The Box
2006 Brianfast - The Movie X
2006 The End of the THAC Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest 2 entry
2007 Death is not the End X
2007 OH NOEWS!
2007 Blunty
2007 Dragoon's wrath X
2008 V-Tech X Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest 5A entry
2010 Snakes X
2016 Basic Test #1
2016 Greenscreen and Lightsaber Test #1 / #2
2016 Fight Test / Raw footage