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Alain 2 is a 2018 comedy brickfilm by Clément Persicot. It is about a man who plans to trap a wolf that is attempting to eat his chickens.[1] It was created for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XV, in which it won third place.[2] It is the sequel to Alain, from 2017.


From inside his house, a man notices a wolf enter his chicken coop. The man runs out to shoot at the wolf, which flees. Alain the chicken emerges from the coop, and the man says they will kill the wolf. Later, the man explains to Alain his plan to put Alain in a cage as bait and catch the wolf in a trap.

The next day, the man and Alain set up the traps, and Alain is left outside in a cage. The man hears the trap activated, and goes outside where he finds the wolf. He lifts the cage to free Alain, but Alain shoots him with a gun. Alain tells the wolf that the man is all his, revealing that they had secretly been working together.[1]