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Aladibababad is a contest-winning 2004 comedy brickfilm by Leftfield Studios. The story follows the young Arabian knight Aladibababad and his adventures with a band of thieves and a magical bottle.[1] It won first place in the High Adventure Theatre Contest on[2][3][4] It also won the Audience Choice award at the BrickFest 2004 showing of select High Adventure Theatre Contest entries.[5] It was one of two films created by Leftfield Studios for the contest, with the other being Fred's Day.


A band of fourteen thieves discover a Burger Doodle in the desert. The lead thief inadvertently causes a nearby magical cave to open when attempting to order a burger with an open sesame-seed bun. Inside the cave is the treasure of treasures: an American third edition holographic Charizard with a misprinted hitpoint counter.

Aladibababad appears over a dune, singing his own theme song. The thieves hide behind a single tree and watch as Aladibababad stumbles across the open cave. Aladibababad takes the card, but is stopped by by the thieves. The leader of the thieves takes the card and strands Aladibababad on a desert island.

On this island, Aladibababad discovers a magical bottle which contains a genie. After defeating the genie's mindgames, Aladibababad escapes the island by hopping to the adjacent mainland, getting his feet only a little wet.

Back at the Burger Doodle, the magical cave entrance has closed. Eventually the thieves get it open again by singing the entire Burger Doodle ditty. Aladibababad returns, and fights the leader of the thieves for the Pokemon card. While they fight, another thief opens the bottle, releasing the genie. While the thieves are distracted with the genie, Aladibababad escapes with the Pokemon card.[1]

References in other brickfilms[]

The American third edition holographic Charizard with a misprinted hitpoint counter is referenced in Material Possessions by Nathan Wells.[6]