Alabama Jones and the Lost Topping of Doom
Alabama Jones
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Directed by
Released August 5, 2004
  • Richard Stephens
  • Curt Werline
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
Running time
Language English
Created for
HATcontest 2

Alabama Jones and the Lost Topping of Doom is a 2004 comedy adventure brickfilm by Curt Werline.[1] It follows pizza delivery boy Alabama Jones on an adventure to find a special pizza topping before the 30 minute delivery time is up.[2] It was created for the High Adventure Theatre Contest on, and was one of the nine entries screened at the BrickFest 2004 portion of the contest. It was Werline's first brickfilm.[3] Alabama Jones reappears in Werline's next brickfilm, Damsel in Distress?.

The film is referenced in The LEGO Book by Daniel Lipkowitz, which is officially associated with The LEGO Group.

Plot Edit

At Papa Jone's Pizza, Papa Jones receives a phone call with the unusual request of a chocolate and pepperoni pizza. Papa Jones tells the customer it will arrive in 30 minutes or less, or else it will be free. Alabama Jones is given a pepperoni pizza and sent on an adventure to find the special topping of chocolate.

Alabama Jones travels all around the world, having encounters with would-be pizza thieves on multiple continents. He eventually arrives in Brazil and explores a tomb to find a package of chocolate. With the completed pizza in tow, he flies to Washington D.C. to deliver it. However, he is 5 minutes late, and the customer refuses to pay. The customer begins to eat but drops dead as a result of the poor choice of pizza topping combination.[2]

Cast Edit

  • Richard Stephens as Alabama Jones, Bad guy
  • Curt Werline as Papa Jones, Ninja, Irate customer[4]

Crew Edit

  • Curt Werline - Director
  • Richard Stephens - Sound engineer
  • Trevor Werline - Set designer
  • Nicholas Werline - Set designer
  • Judith Werline - Script consultant
  • Melinda Stephens - Technical advisor
  • William Farkas - Specialty LEGO provider
  • Andrew Francis - Specialty LEGO provider
  • Mike Rogers - Specialty LEGO provider

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