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Akash Jones is a Canadian brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for brickfilms based on superheroes, including his LEGO Marvel Series, and LEGO Avengers: Endgame Battle - Iron Man Captain America and Thor vs Thanos.[2] He is a notable example of a brickfilmer who shoots his films using an iPad.[3] He is also the animator of brickfilm clips included in the Amazon Original series The Boys.[4]


Year Title Notes
2014 LEGO Batman vs Joker
2014 Hawkeye's Day Off
2014 Batman and Superman
2014 Batman and Superman Part 2
2014 Batman's Secret Identity
2014 Batman and Superman Part 3
2014 The Red Hood
2014 Spiderman & Hulk
2014 Captain America vs Batman
2014 Superman vs Thor
2014 Iceman vs Quicksilver
2014 X-men Rise Of Apocalypse Teaser
2014 Blink vs Warpath
2014 Who Is Spiderman?
2014 Batman: Dawn of Justice - Episode 1: Broken Bat
2014 Batman: Dawn of Justice - Episode 2: Bird in a Cage
2014 Batman: Dawn of Justice - Episode 3: The Need for Speed
2014 LEGO Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Agent Max
2014 LEGO Sinister Six Part 1
2014 LEGO Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Agent Ed
2014 Batman: Dawn of Justice - Episode 4: Compromised
2014 Batman: Dawn of Justice - Episode 5: Wanted
2014 Iron Man vs Aldrich Killian
2014 Batman's Remote Control
2014 LEGO Avengers Episode 1: Rescue Mission
2014 Batman Needs a Doctor
2014 LEGO Justice League
2014 LEGO Ant-Man
2014 Barbecuing With Thor!
2014 LEGO Nightwing
2014 LEGO Arrow Parody
2014 Justice League: Salvation- Episode 1: 'Imposter'
2014 LEGO Remembrance Day Tribute 2014
2014 History Assignment
2014 Deadpool vs Wolverine
2014 LEGO Captain America's Dilemma Unfinished
2014 Justice League: Salvation- Episode 2: 'Suspicions'
2014 The LEGO Arrow
2014 LEGO Batman: The Apprentice Unfinished
2014 A LEGO Christmas with Drax
2014 LEGO Spider-Man: Web Of Lies
2015 The LEGO Flash
2015 LEGO Captain America: Hold the Fort
2015 Justice League: Salvation- Episode 3: 'Revelation'
2015 LEGO Nova: Extraction
2015 LEGO Avengers: Acceptance
2015 AkashLegoProductions [10K SUBSCRIBERS]
2015 LEGO Young Justice: Darkseid
2015 The Avengers Eating Shawarma IN LEGO
2015 LEGO DareDevil
2015 LEGO Cyborg Unfinished
2015 LEGO Guardians Of The Galaxy
2015 LEGO Captain America
2015 LEGO Iron Man
2015 LEGO DareDevil's Payback
2015 LEGO Thor
2015 LEGO The Wolverine
2015 LEGO Spider-Man
2015 LEGO The Incredible Hulk
2015 LEGO Avengers vs The Hulk
2016 Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl TV Spot #1 IN LEGO
2016 LEGO Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
2016 LEGO Pinkman v Bullies: Dawn Of Justness
2016 DareDevil Season 2: Murdock Visits Fisk In Prison IN LEGO
2016 LEGO Captain America: Civil War (Part 1; Part 2) Co-production with Jeremy Borchers
2016 LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens: Kylo Ren vs Finn and Rey
2017 One Day
2017 The End
2017 LEGO Captain America: Reinstated
2018 LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi: Finn vs Captain Phasma
2018 Black Panther TV Spot IN LEGO
2018 The Doors Animator of one scene
2018 LEGO Avengers Infinity War: Team Cap vs Black Order
2018 LEGO Avengers Infinity War: Thanos vs Hulk
2018 LEGO Deadpool vs Wolverine II
2018 LEGO TRON: Legacy
2018 LEGO Black Panther: Episode 1 - 'The Throne Of Wakanda’
2018 CLEAN
2018 Avengers: Endgame Trailer IN LEGO
2018 LEGO Charades Unfinished
2019 LEGO Avengers: Endgame (Part 1; Part 2) Co-production with Nick Radulov
2019 LEGO Avengers Endgame: Captain America vs Captain America
2019 LEGO John Wick vs The Punisher
2019 Captain Marvel Post Credit Scenes IN LEGO
2019 LEGO Spider Man: Far From Home - Hydro Man vs Mysterio Scene
2019 Women In Film
2019 LEGO Batman: A Death In The Family
2020 LEGO STAR WARS: Mandalorian - The Hunt
2020 Brickfilm clip created for The Boys Season 2 Episode 7 "Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker"
2021 LEGO THE MANDALORIAN: Trouble on Tatooine - A Star Wars Story