A scene from Adventures in LEGO Land
Hank is flown towards his target
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Directed by
Dan Schick
  • Dan Schick
  • Ryan Schick
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Adventures in LEGO Land is a live-action brickfilm by Dan Schick. A scene from this film was released in 2001 on the LEGO Studios website, and this scene was the grand prize winner in the 14-18 age category of the LEGO Studios Movie Making Contest.[1][2] It is unknown if the rest of the film was ever released anywhere, and it is also unknown what year the full film was completed in.

Cast Edit

  • Dan Schick as Hank, Jake, Sarge, Additional voices
  • Ryan Schick as General, Additional voices

Crew Edit

  • Dan Schick - Writer, Director, Producer, Camera work, Editor, 3D animator[2]
  • Ryan Schick - Music
  • Dale Cardinal - 3D animation transfers
  • Kevin Schick - Grip, LEGO constructor
  • Kris Regher - LEGO constructor
  • Kathy Silvius, Russell Staziuk, Rod and Sandy Tatebe, Parents - Thanks

References Edit

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