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Released July 23, 2016
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Action! is a 2016 brickfilm by Mathieu Blangy.[1][2] It follows a group of LEGO people who decide to make a movie, with a human as their stop-motion puppet.[3] It was created for the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2016, in which it won third place.

Plot Edit

A group of LEGO people discuss stop-motion animation and the benefits of using humans as the puppets. One of them imagines if things were reversed and humans were alive and shot animated films with LEGO figures as characters, and is amused by this concept. The friends wonder what they should do for their holiday, and one decides they will make a movie.

The friends begin production on their movie, taking photographs of their human puppet. The director watches the movie on a screen as it comes together. He sees the human wake up and wonder what to do for his holiday, when he decides to make a movie. He prepares a script and storyboard, and builds a set with LEGO. The director sees himself being animated by the human in the movie, as his conversation from earlier plays out. The human edits all of his footage which continues up until the present moment of the director's existence.[3]

Cast Edit

Crew Edit

  • Mathieu Blangy - Director, Animator, Editor, Story
  • Nicolas Blangy - Translator
  • Bastien Blangy - Thanks[4]

Awards Edit

Year Competition Category Result
2016 Les Brickstars Audience Award Second
Best Sound First
Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival Best Story and Screen Play Nominated

References Edit

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