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About a Door is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by "Holgor". It follows the story of a door not to be opened and the public controversy surrounding it.[1] It was an entry into the A Peculiar Event Contest and ultimately placed 6th.[2] About a Door proved to be very influential in early culture, and spawned many parodies and homages.


A woman walks by a door. Next to the door, a sign reads "DO NOT OPEN THIS DOOR". The woman stops and reaches to open the door. A man in blue interrupts her, pointing out the sign. Another couple approaches, curious. The man in blue calls out the woman, who responds that she just wanted to know what was behind the door. Several people want to open the door, and several people do not.

They discuss the dangers of opening the door. Opening the door could trigger an explosion, free a criminal, or release a shark. The original woman suggests the sign's purpose is the encourage people to open the door. Another man approaches and attempts to open the door, but is stopped by the man in blue. They begin to fight.

Some time later, a crowd has gathered, split into two ideological groups: The Openinglings, and the Conservatives. Both sides give impassioned speeches and perform musical numbers. They are interrupted by the police, who clear the area and wall up the door.

Parodies and spin-offs[]

Close to a month after About a Door was released on, a parody was released on March 14 by Logan Wright titled About a Door Parody. This inspired another parody, Beyond Holgor's Door by Dave Corbett, which was released just one day later. About a Door Parody was then parodied by Tim "WhiteDragon" DeWitt with Parody^2: About a Door (which was in turn was later parodied by R.C. Walters with Parody^3: About a Door). These films were followed by many About a Door parodies, spin-offs and homages made by various brickfilmers. Some of the notable parodies include:

The Grand Opening[]

Holgor released his own spin-off of About a Door in 2004 as an April Fools joke. Titled The Grand Opening, it follows immediately from the ending of About a Door. A police officer guards the blockaded door, but the man in blue sneaks up behind him and rolls a coin in front of him, which he chases after. With the officer distracted, the man in blue tears down the blockade so he may finally discover what is behind the door. He is about to open the door, but a screamer pops up before it is revealed what is inside.[3][4]