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Abduction 4 is a 2009 sci-fi brickfilm by Jonathan Vaughan and the fourth film in the Abduction series. It immediately follows Abduction 3 and is about Tony and Toby's return to earth with the alien commander.[1] It was an entry to the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2009 and placed second overall.[2]


Aboard the mothership, the aliens realise that two of their captives, Tony and Toby, have left in an escape pod and have brought the alien commander with them. The aliens track the escapees and find that they are currently located in Nevada, USA.

In a house, Tony and Toby hold weapons to the unconscious alien commander, waiting for him to wake up. Suddenly, the commander sits up and removes his helmet, showing himself to be a human. After initial confusion all around, the commander tells the two men his name is Atom Mo and he is an inventor. He describes how he built a powerful telescope that let him see an alien ship and that he then built a spacecraft to go find out what they were up to. He ambushed the ship of the incoming new commander and stole his suit to gain access to the mothership, where he headed for the control deck. He cannot remember what happened next, leading Tony to apologise for knocking him out.

The sound of the alien ship is heard overhead and the three men go to hide. An alien enters to look around the house and Tony sneaks up on him with a gun. The alien notices and attacks but Tony shoots it before it can harm anyone. Tony is happy to have evidence of the aliens but the body then disappears. Atom remarks that they are a smart race and describes how they leave behind a copy of everyone they abduct, meaning there ought to be copies of Tony and Toby around. The three men are suddenly abducted back onto the mothership.[3]


Abduction 4 is an immediate continuation of Abduction 3 from the same year. Its events were followed up on two years later in Abduction 5, which was made for and won the Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2011.[4]


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