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Abduction 3 is a 2009 sci-fi brickfilm by Jonathan Vaughan and the third film in the Abduction series. It is an immediate continuation of Abduction 2 and follows Tony and Toby's escape from the mothership after their abduction.[1] It was an entry to the sixth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed third in the results.[2]


A man and woman are watching TV when the reception cuts out. The man goes to get a beer but, upon opening the fridge, finds the dead body of the woman inside. He had in reality been watching TV with an alien in disguise and a bright light engulfs him, signalling his abduction.

After putting the man in captivity aboard the mothership, an alien realises that two of their other prisoners have escaped. A video call comes in from the aliens' high commander who is disappointed with their failure and is sending a new commander for the ship. The new commander arrives soon after and heads for the command deck.

Meanwhile, Tony and Toby are looking for a way off the ship after escaping captivity. They hear the new commander approaching and hide before knocking him out. Toby locates an escape pod and Tony decides they should hide the unconscious commander by bringing him with them, figuring him to be a guard whose absence won't be noticed. They enter the escape pod and eject it, accepting the risk of the commander waking up and trying to kill them.[3]


The main events of Abduction 3 directly follow the end of Abduction 2, which showed Tony and Toby escaping from their cell. Abduction 3 would be directly continued in Abduction 4, made for the second Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest in 2009. Abduction 3 is currently the final film in the series produced for the Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest, with both future instalments being entries to BRAWL contests.

Vaughan has stated that the opening scene is not directly related to the main plot and was only included to keep up the tradition of showing an abduction in each film.[4]


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