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Abduction 2 is a 2007 sci-fi brickfilm by Jonathan Vaughan and the second film in the Abduction series. It takes place during the events of the first film and shows what happened on the spacecraft after Tony and Toby were abducted.[1] It was an entry to the fourth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed third overall.[2]


It is Christmas Eve and Santa Claus is walking towards the chimney of a house when he is surprised by the light of a spacecraft hovering overhead, ready to abduct him. Inside the house, it appears as if Santa arrives down the chimney, which attracts the attention of a young boy. The boy asks if the man is Santa Claus but is shot by what appeared to be Santa, who then morphs out of this disguise into alien form.

Aboard a mothership, one alien explains to another that one of their scouts picked up a human that morning and that they found two others the day before, showing the captured Santa Claus, Tony and Toby. The aliens discuss their plans to invade earth the next day, but, considering that it is the holiday season, decide to postpone this by a week to be nice to the human race.

Outside, an earth satellite collides with the ship. The aliens go to survey the damage, leaving the prisoners unguarded. Tony and Toby manage to escape from their cell and Tony seeks a way out. Toby reminds him about the captive Santa Claus, but Tony dismisses Santa as nothing more than a myth.[3]


Abduction 2 takes place in the middle of the original Abduction, after Tony and Toby's pickup truck was abducted but before aliens arrive at Jane's house 2 days later. The events of Abduction 2 are continued directly in Abduction 3, which was made in early 2009 for the sixth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest.

Abduction 2 has been noted by Jonathan Vaughan as an uncharacteristically light-hearted entry to the series, subverting the horror elements of the first film for a more comedic and bizarre style.[4]


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