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Abduction is a 2007 sci-fi brickfilm by Jonathan Vaughan and is the first film in the Abduction series. It is about two men on a car trip being abducted by aliens.[1] It was an entry to the third Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed fifth overall.[2]


Two men, Tony and Toby, are driving along a deserted road at night. They stop their pickup truck when one of them spots a mysterious green light in the sky ahead of them.

Two days later, Tony and Toby arrive at their aunt Jane's house. She wonders why they are two days late and they explain that they experienced car trouble.

It is then seen what really happened during their journey. The light they had spotted was coming from a spacecraft, which flew over their pickup truck and abducted it. The pickup truck was dropped back onto the road with aliens behind the wheel, who then shapeshifted into the images of Tony and Toby.

As they sleep in Jane's house, the aliens revert back to their original appearance.[3]


  • Jonathan Vaughan - Director, Animator, Effects[4]
  • Bronson Smythe - Story
  • Cedrick Salizar - Spacecraft Design


Vaughan continued the Abduction storyline in four sequels, all made for future Twenty-four Hour Animation Contests or Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contests. Abduction 2 shows what happened on the spacecraft after Tony and Toby were abducted, with future sequels continuing sequentially from there. All future Abduction films placed within the top three of the contests they were entered to, with Abduction 5 taking first place in BRAWL 2011.[5]


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