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For the 2011 film by Jack Quincey and Jordan Boettcher, see Abducted

Abducted! is a 2004 sci-fi comedy brickfilm by Leftfield Studios.[1][2] It follows a man who has a strange encounter with aliens after being abducted one night.[3] It was an entry into the A Peculiar Event Contest on and placed ninth overall.[4]


One night, a man walks through the woods when he suddenly hears a strange noise and sees colored lights flashing. A tractor beam surrounds him and he is beamed upwards.

The man awakes on a table, surrounded by aliens. The aliens talk among themselves and seem to become increasingly angry and restless, scaring the man.

In a doctor's office, the man explains that that is as much as he remembers about his encounter. The doctor begins to prescribe medicine, but suddenly starts asking the man strange questions about the human race and how far they have travelled in space, to the confusion of the man.

It is revealed that the man is being held in a tank on the alien ship, where he is being asked the questions.[3]


When the reversed alien dialogue is played forwards, they can be heard repeatedly saying "Hey, that's my monkey". The A Peculiar Event Contest offered a prize for the film with the cleverest use of this phrase.