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For the 2004 film by Leftfield Studios, see Abducted!

Abducted is a 2011 comedy brickfilm by Jack Quincey and Jordan Boettcher. It is the longest film in the Jack and Jordan series, and is about an alien invasion that sees Jack and Jordan being abducted.[1] It was inspired by the film Mars Attacks! by Tim Burton.[2] It was in production for four years, and also incorporates claymation. It was originally released in 2011,[3] and a second version with original music was released in 2012.[4]



  • Jack Quincey as Jack, Monster Jack, Girl Jack, Demon Jack, Limo driver, Cop, Tom, Doctor
  • Jordan Boettcher as Jordan, Giant junk hand, Cop
  • Corey Eidem as Lord Monty
  • Shawn Krueger as Cop #1
  • Sean Little as Mayor Major
  • Denise Ruemping as Tina Thompson, Lady cop, Lady sawed in half, Citizen
  • Greg Miller as Cop #2, Bubble blowing cop, Snickering cop, Citizen
  • Andy Krukow as Kiosh, Citizen
  • Adam Hunter as Cop #3, Scientist, Citizen
  • Amanda Vodinelich as Monster Jack growl
  • Brad Morgan as Police chief
  • Brandon Schmidt as Gas mask man, Nubert, Citizen
  • Rick Quincey as Citizen


  • Jack Quincey - Creator, Writer, Director, Animator, Editor, Additional music, Sculptor and prop maker
  • Jordan Boettcher - Creator, Writer, Additional music, Animation assistance
  • Joshua Wilcox - Music
  • Joshua Upton - Music
  • Rick Quincey - Music
  • Sean Little - Music
  • Detektivbyran - Songs
  • Adam Hunter - Character designer
  • Jessica Zahn - Sculptor and prop maker
  • Gil Gamra (Oddharvest Productions) - Sculptor and prop maker
  • Sarah Quincey - Sculptor and prop maker, Animation assistance
  • Amanda Vodinelich - Sculptor and prop maker, Animation assistance
  • Benjamin Dickson - Animation assistance
  • Nancy Schmidt, April Horne, Ann Petit, Buck McAllister, Debra Dahley - Special thanks