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Aaron Legg is an American brickfilmer.[1] He is best known for comedic, often relatively lengthy Star Wars brickfilms including Storm-Trippin', Storm-Trippin 2 - A New Home, Return of the Saber, and Rancor Ruckus.[2] His 2022 film The Phantom Limb won Best Film and 6 other categories in the 2022 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival.


Year Title Notes
2007 Star Wars Reloaded
2013 Storm-Trippin'
2015 Storm-Trippin 2 - A New Home
2016 Return of the Saber
2016 Rancor Ruckus
2017 Gaming with Kylo
2022 The Phantom Limb
2024 Droideka Dreams Commissioned by The LEGO Group
Promotion for the LEGO Star Wars 25-Second Film Festival