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a short documentary about: RUSSELL is a 2003 comedy brickfilm by Nick Maniatis.[1] It follows an interview with and performance by a comedian whose act revolves around puns based on objects he places on his head.[2] It was created for the BricksWest 2003 Animation Festival Comedy Competition.[3]


Film-maker Jorge Pinter has created a documentary after taking his camera to a local pub's talent session and meeting aspiring stand-up comedian, Russell.

Jorge interviews Russell, asking him why he chose stand-up. Russell explains that he has always been able to make people laugh and was inspired when he saw the poster for the pub's talent session. Russell's act is seen, in which he places objects on his head and makes a pun about what his name is now. The audience ignores him, apart from a few hecklers.

Russell's act continues to bomb, but Russell doesn't seem to notice. Backstage, Jorge asks him how he thinks it went, and Russell says he thinks it went great, before asking Jorge what he thought. Jorge replies that it was "good" and that Russell still has some polishing to do, and Russell abruptly storms off to his dressing room. Jorge attempts to speak with him, and a gunshot is heard from inside (but it is revealed that Russell survived this "accident").[2]