A frosty Welcome
Snowspeeders are sent to explore the area
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Directed by
Released February 17, 2004
  • Lucas Birk
  • Christoph Brock
Science fiction
Running time
Language English
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A frosty Welcome, or Episode IV.95: A frosty Welcome, is a 2004 Star Wars brickfilm by Christoph Brock.[1][2] It is about rebels scouting the planet Hoth and discovering that they may not be alone.[3] It was an entry to the A Peculiar Event Contest on and it placed fifth overall.[4]

Plot Edit

Following the destruction of the Death Star, a small group of rebels have set up a secret base on the ice planet Hoth to explore and secure the planet for the main forces. A drone detects strange anomalies in one sector before losing contact, and a team of six are sent to investigate. The team set up camp and two snowspeeders are sent to explore the area, but during a blizzard, all contact is lost. The next day, the remaining rebels go out to search and find strange alien structures and the two snowspeeders, shot by heavy laser fire. The rebels are shot at and one manages to escape back to base. Later, he hears laser fire outside the base and heads out with a gun. To his surprise, he finds an AT-ST being driven by his pet monkey, George.

The rebel wakes up from his dream. He goes to see George, amused at the thought that his monkey would do that to him. George hides a lightsaber under a table.[3]

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References Edit

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