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A Very Merry Christmas Special with Alex and Derrick and Alice!, also known as A Very Merry Holiday Special with Alex & Derrick - & Alice!, is a 2006 Christmas brickfilm by Nathan Wells.[1] It is the sixth film in the Alex and Derrick series and follows Alex, Derrick and Alice celebrating Christmas Day.[2]


In a scenario mirroring the opening of Material Possessions, a delivery guy arrives with a package for Derrick. Derrick tells Alex that it is a new fishtank for Alice (it is mentioned in Material Possessions that Derrick had accidentally destroyed Alice's fishtank), and Alex says he should hurry and get it wrapped as Alice will arrive any minute. Derrick leaves and Alice arrives with Christmas dinner. She goes to the kitchen to heat it up and Alex leaves to get the table.


"SantaNate" enters[3]

With the room empty, Nathan Wells' signature figure in a Santa hat enters to deliver presents under the tree. Alex and Derrick bring in a table and chairs, and Derrick is happy to see that more presents have suddenly appeared. Alice puts the food on the table, and the trio wish the audience a merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season.[2]


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