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This film contains content that may be considered not safe for work. Viewer discretion is advised.

A Trip to Alphen is a 2004 comedy brickfilm by Lourentz Hek, Ton Wolvers and Maarten Koot. It follows three friends who take a holiday to Alphen (the hometown of the creators).[1] It was created for a school project, and after being shared in the brickfilm community, it attracted a cult fanbase.[2][3]


Three friends, Maarten, Lourentz and Tony, go on a holiday to Alphen in the Netherlands. They enter the visitors office to get a brochure, and decide they will go to the Archeon, an open air museum featuring historical reenactments.

At the museum, they see reconstructions of medieval buildings and actors playing the parts of villagers and knights. Tony is unimpressed and goes to look around by himself. He breaks into a building where he finds a control panel, which he turns on. He presses a button and outside the eyes of dragon head statues light up. Lourentz and Maarten go to find Tony, and when they see the control panel, Lourentz presses a button which makes the dragon heads shoot fire at a group of passing soldiers.

After absconding from the museum, the three go to Parktheater, a performing arts theater. They see that a djembe drum and dance show is playing soon and learn that it is free, so they head inside. They see a very interesting show, though one of the dancers goes way too fast for Tony's liking. Afterwards, they head to a night club, and Maarten gets excited to party.[1]


  • Lourentz Hek - Director, Writer, Editor, Camera[4]
  • Ton Wolvers - Special effects