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A Quiet Evening is a 2005 comedy brickfilm by Christoph Brock. It is about a man trying to enjoy a quiet evening while dealing with his nagging wife.[1] It was an entry into the first Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest and placed fourth in Judges Choice and third in Entrants Choice.[2] It is based on the sketch Ich will hier nur sitzen by German comedian Loriot.


A man, Herman, sits in a chair, doing nothing. His wife inquires about his activities, asking if his is doing anything. He responds that he is doing nothing. His wife continues, insisting that he is sitting, therefore he is doing something. Herman disagrees. His wife suggests Herman go on a walk, but Herman refuses. He just wants to sit. His wife exclaims that he's driving her crazy, saying that he wants to go for a walk, then he doesn't. Herman, annoyed, says he always just wanted to sit, and he sits because he likes sitting. His wife tells him not to shout, and Herman shouts "I'm not shouting at you!"