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A Night at the Pier is a 2007 action brickfilm by Chris Boyer and Brian Bridges. It follows the story of a pirate trying to escape the pursuit of guards. It won first place in the third Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest.[1]


In an alleyway near a pier, a pirate is demanding money from another pirate. A guard hears this and demands the pirates' surrender. The first pirate flees, but runs into two other guards. The pirate turns around and shoots the first guard, and continues fleeing. The other two guards pursue, but one trips over a drunkard. The tripped guard turns around and blasts the drunkard away. The pirate returns home and greets his wife, but the two guards catch up and demand the door be opened.[2]



  • Chris Boyer - Animator, Set Design
  • Brian Bridges - Animator, Set Design
  • Greg Boyer - Producer, Set Design